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Travel & Pre Diem Policy

Zuni Public Schools Travel Authorization Request Instructions

You must select to be reimbursed either through the Per Diem option or through the Actual Cost option. This is not a hybrid system allowing you to selectively combine the two. All travel requiring a reimbursement will require an approved TAR prior to traveling.

Pre Diem

If you are traveling overnight and choose to be paid the pre diem rate you will be paid the state allowed rates for meals and lodging.  The normal in-state rate is $85.00 per day and that is what you will be paid to cover lodging and meals.  If you are staying in Santa Fe that rate increases to $135.00.  The normal out of state rate is $115.00.  There are certain cities that require a higher pre diem due to the costs associated with staying there.  Those cities are listed on the front of this form.  If you are staying in one of those cities the pre diem rate is $215.00.  If you choose to be paid pre diem for your travel, you do not need to keep your receipts but you will not be reimbursed over and above the dollar amounts listed above and on the front side of this form.  Pre diem payments will only be made for overnight travel.  Meals for day travel only require receipts for reimbursement.

Actual Cost 

If you are traveling and the district pays for your lodging then you will be paid for actual expenses and you must save and remit all receipts.  The amount allowed for your meals will not exceed the state allowed per diem rates of $30.00 for in-state travel and $45.00 for out-of-state travel.  You will only be reimbursed per meal according to the breakdown listed on the front of this form.  We do reimburse tips that were paid, but we will only reimburse a tip up to 15% of the meal cost.  

  1. Fill out top of form including Title and Dates of Meeting or Conference and funding source.  If you do not know the funding source or budget balance, ask your supervisor.  Your supervisor is responsible to verify the funding source and availability of funds.  If you are traveling outside of the district but within the workday, check the “Within the Workday” box, sign form and turn it into your supervisor for approval.
  2. For each vendor who will be paid from this TAR; the employee for out of pocket expenses, any lodging facility, and any registrations, a purchase requisition (PR) must be created and submitted with the TAR. Any TAR submitted with the physical copy of the PR will be returned in order to have the PRs attached.
  3. Select method of reimbursement, Pre Diem or Actual Expense. If ZPSD is paying for your lodging, you will automatically use Actual Expense and you will need to save and turn in all receipts. Where possible you should stay at NMAA approved motels/hotels as we get preferred rates at these facilities. Check their website, for a list of those facilities.
  4. Complete Estimated Cost section and turn in to supervisor for approval. Meal estimate should only include payment for meals not provided at conference. Remember to complete the estimated dates and times of departure and return.  Attach correspondence justifying travel.  This form should be submitted for approval at least 2 weeks prior to travel.  Late form submission may cause travel to be denied.
  5. Upon approval of Estimated Costs, the form should be returned to you. Keep it until you return from your travel.  The approved form is your authorization to travel – no form, no travel.
  6. Upon return, fill in Reimbursement Request section. If you are claiming Actual Cost fill in the appropriate lines, attach all receipts, total all costs and double check for accuracy, attach a copy of the agenda from the workshop/conference and return form to supervisor. Remember to complete the actual dates and times of departure and return.  Incomplete forms or errors in calculations will require that the forms be returned to you for corrections and this will delay processing of your reimbursement check. Have the site bookkeeper print the entity copy of the Purchase Order for which you are seeking reimbursement and have it signed by the site supervisor. Attach all pertinent purchase orders to the TAR.
  7. Submit the TAR and all accompanying paperwork for reimbursement. This form needs to be turned in for reimbursement within two weeks of completion of travel. Exceeding this time frame may cause denial of reimbursement.