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Family Survey

Greetings ZPSD families! We would like you to complete a short survey about school reopening so we can better understand your needs and concerns. Please complete and submit the survey by 4 pm on Friday, September 25.

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Zuni Middle School

2020-2021 Health Questionnaire

Zuni Middle School Parents, Please fill out this health questionnaire for your student(s). Make sure immunizations is up to date.

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Finance Meeting

September 28, 2020

JOM 2020 Virtual Learning Training

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ZECDE - Child Care Recruitment

Message from Teen Health and Family Wellness Center

Message From the Interim Superintendent


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A:shiwi Core Values

Zuni Public School District

1. Hon ansammo leʼna a:dekʼyanna.

We will all live accordingly.

2. Hon i:yayyułashshikʼyana:wa.

We will respect one another.

3. Hon koʼhoł lewuna:wediyahnan, wan hon i:tseʼmanna.

We will think before we act and consider the consequences.

4. Hon i:yansatduna:wa.

We will help one another.

5. Hon i:yanbeye:na:wa.

We will give advice and counsel one another.


6. Hon i:yayyumoła a:dekʼyanna.

We will be honest and trust one another.


7. Hon i:wichemana:wa.

We will love one another.


8. Hon dewułashshiʼ iwillabaʼ a:dekʼyanna.

We will be kind and generous to one another.


9. Hon i:yanhadiya:na:wa, hon i:yayyuʼhadiyahkʼyana:wa.

We will listen and pay attention to one another.

10. Hon delanko’ha:willi:wa.

Be empathetic to one another.

11. Ihadiya:wa.


12. Don dehwan illaba.

It is your turn.

13. Hom dehwan ukna:we.

It is my turn.


“To Empower a Community of Learners”

Zuni Public School District

Beginning in 1876 and ending in 1956, United States Government and it's Department of Indian Affairs were responsible for the American culture and English language education of Zuni children. Then in 1956, the Americanizing education was transferred from the United States Government to the New Mexico State Government.


During the period from 1956 to 1980, the three existing school sites, that once were operated by the United States Government, were now operated by the Gallup - McKinley County School District which was a State of New Mexico State Government. These school sites were Zuni Elementary, Dowa Yalanne Elementary and Zuni High School. 


However, at the start of the 3rd decade of being apart of the GMKC School District, many community people decided that the Zuni students' educational needs were not being met. Therefore during the latter half of the 1970's, the Zuni people started discussions on the need and desire to have their own school district to address the educational problems, that remain unresolved, under the large Gallup McKinley County School District.



Hon yumola a:ho'ik'yanna. Hon i:yansatdena:wa. 

Don dehwan illaba. Hom dehwah ukna:we


Be honest and trustworthy to one another.  We will help one another. It is your turn.  It is my turn.


- A:shiwi Teaching

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2020 Emergency Procurement Form

2020 Emergency Procurement

Daily Nature Activities

Daily Nature Activities - Nature Matters

Message from the Interim Superintendent:

Information from the Finance Department:

Collective Bargaining Agreement Between Zuni Federation of United School Employees AFT Local 4905 and Zuni Public School District


Stephanie Vicenti


Jerome Haskie
Vice President

Anthony O. Lucio

Albert Chopito

Board Member

Mildred Lementino

Board Member