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Mission Statement:

"To enhance learning beyond the classroom, through one-to-one technology support”
To provide Zuni Public School District with a secure and reliable information technology and communications infrastructure within the district along with providing IT services, devices and knowledge necessary to streamline operations and deliver the highest quality to our students, staff and community.


Students will use technology as an integral part of their education. Students, teachers and staff will use technology for enhancement, communication, presentation and information management, as well as research. 
The technology team supports and encourages the enhancement of worry-free learning experiences within the Zuni Public School District by providing support and services such as:
  • Interactive technology
  • Device/Account Maintenance
  • Email Communications
  • Student Portals
  • Parent Portals
  • 1:1 Student Devices
  • Network Support
  • Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive Panel for Instruction
  • Robust technology-driven classrooms engaging student, teacher & parent learning
  • More student, teacher, and parent involvement in lessons & curriculum
  • Digital presentation media
The ZPSD Technology Department appreciates the opportunity to serve the Zuni Educational Community as we provide the tools and knowledge for our students to be prepared for life.  We strive to strengthen the Zuni community by ensuring every learner excels to their full potential, inspiring them to create a better future.
“Connect, Educate, Inspire”


Milford Weebothee
Technology Supervisor
Felisha Yawakia
Technology Specialist
[email protected]

Joseph Cheama
Network Specialist
[email protected]

Tamara Homer
Network Specialist
[email protected]

Gilbert Kallestewa
Network Specialist
Christopher Lesansee
Technology Specialist

Deanna Mahooty
Administrative Assistant

10 Sandy Springs Road
PO Drawer A
Zuni, NM 87327

Ph: (505) 782-4100
Fx: (505) 782-4102