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The Department of Federal/State/Local Programs oversees the implementation of the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which was signed into law December 10, 2015 and replacing No Child Left Behind and the waiver system.

ESSA is the national education law that reinforces the longstanding commitment to ensuring equal opportunity for all students. The ESSA provides New Mexico with a long-term stability that holds states, local school systems and schools accountable for results while encouraging them to be innovative in their work. This department assists the district and other eligible entities to:

  • Apply for competitive and formula-based grants
  • Comply with grant terms and conditions
  • Achieve the maximum benefit from the grant investments
Listed below is information about the various grants utilized by ZPSD. Below is a link to information regarding parent involvement and other resources provided through New Mexico Department of Public Education:

Parent Resources: New Mexico Public Education Department

Caroline Ukestine

Director of Federal Programs

Ms. Caroline Ukestine is the Director of State/Federal Programs for Zuni Public School District. Her responsibilities include “Management of all funding allocations and oversight of the district/supplemental state grant programs.

To promote the development of educational programs and services for all students using federal, state and local funds allocated to the district.

Ms. Ukestine works closely with ZPSD’s Johnson O’Malley/Indian Education/Parent Advisory Committees (JOM/IEC/PAC) to increase parental involvement, and the ZPSD Bilingual Department to promote our Zuni traditions and use of our native language. Ms. Ukestine’s work also includes building effective relationships with the District Leadership Team, Zuni community, parents, students, and Tribal Government.

Prior to becoming the Director of Federal Programs, Ms. Ukestine started her educational career back in 1973 while working with St. Anthony Indian School as a library/classroom assistant, and the Zuni Head Start program in 1976, as an educational assistant for Early Childhood preschoolers.

Ms. Ukestine was hired by the school district in 1986 as a First Grade Educational Assistant at Dowa Yalanne Elementary School. In 1995, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Mexico, to become a Third Grade Teacher at Dowa Yalanne Elementary School. While working in the classroom, she pursued further coursework to earn her Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Western New Mexico University.

She became the Principal of Dowa Yalanne from 2004 – 2013, during the time that Dowa Yalanne Elementary School made AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) for 3 years.

Ms. Ukestine is a 1972 graduate of Zuni High School. She holds a valid NM Teacher License with Endorsements in both TESOL and Bilingual Education.

She currently serves as a founding member on the Board of Directors for ZYEP, a non-profit organization. Her lifelong dedication and commitment has always been for the “educational success” of our children. She is a proud mother/grandmother of 2 girls who have all gone through the ZPSD school system.


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