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Board Meetings

The Board shall determine at least annually in a public meeting what notice for a public meeting is reasonable when applied to the School District.

The Board shall transact all business at official meetings of the Board. These may be either regular or special meetings, defined as follows:

Regular meeting - A meeting of the members of a local school board at which at least a quorum is present, about which notice has been published and at which normal school district business is transacted.

Special meeting - an official legal-action meeting called between scheduled regular meetings to consider only specifically identified topics.

A local school board shall hold at least one (1) regular meeting each month of the calendar year.

Every meeting of the Board, regular or special, shall be open to the public except for an executive session that is held in accordance with state law. A "meeting" is defined as the gathering of a quorum of members of a public body to propose or take legal action, including any deliberations with respect to such action, that has been properly noticed, pursuant to law.

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