Zuni Pueblo

The Zuni Tribe is located in a rural, isolated reservation in West Central New Mexico, in McKinley and Cibola Counties as well as in Apache County in Arizona.  The land base is comprised of over 723.87 square miles in New Mexico and Apache County Arizona.  Zuni is one of the most remote, traditional pueblos and the largest (11,363 total population) of the 19 New Mexico pueblos.


The closest city, Gallup, New mexico, is located 32 miles north of Zuni while the closest metropolitan city, Albuquerque, New mexico, is located 150 miles east of Zuni.  One major highway (New Mexico State Highway 53) runs east to west directly through the village of Zuni.  There are two convenience store/gas stations, one grocery store, one major restaurant, and several curio/jewelery stores.  The geographic location of Zuni makes it one of the poorest communities of the state, with an unemployment figure of greater that 60%.  Being far removed from job opportunities contributes to the severity of the unemployment rate.

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There is no private industry, nor is there any ability to attach private industry due to Zuni's remote location.  Consequently, commerce is jewelry limited.  Many Zuni families produce and sell silver jewelry, pottery, fetishes, paintings, etc., at home, but few make a substantial living from this cottage industry.  With the recent poor economic picture for the entire United States of America, the once steady market for families to sell their crafts has dwindled so drastically, families are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis.

How to Respectfully Visit Zuni Pueblo

You are welcome to visit Zuni Pueblo as a "respectful guest".  Be aware that there are many aspects of Zuni life that you may not understand- or even recognize- but these important practices enable us to continue our way of lief.  Your respect for our cultural traditions and cooperation in following the following guidelines will ensure the continued privilege of visits to our special community.


Remember, you are visiting an active community of residents' daily lives and homes- not a museum or theme park.

Use common sense etiquette as well as respect all rules and regulations of the Pueblo.

Consider capturing visual memories instead of photographs!  To photograph or video, please obtain a PHOTO PERMIT at the Zuni Visitors Center or at the Tribal Cashier's Office.

    1.    Assume that ALL CULTURAL ACTIVITIES (Kivas or traditional dancing) within the  
           Pueblo are OFF-LIMITS to photograph, video/audio record or sketch- unless specifically
           informed otherwise.
    2.    No photography is permitted of images inside the Old Zuni Mission.
    3.    Scenery, buildings, and outdoor traditional ovens are okay to photograph.
    4.    Always inquire first and ask permission before photographing any activities involving  
    5.    Request permission from the Zuni Tribe before publishing any photographs or information
          depicting Zuni Pueblo activities.

Observe with quiet respect any traditional dances and events that you may encounter.  Asking questions or speaking loudly interrupts the participant's concentration.  watch such activities from a distance without blocking any Zuni participants' views.  Applause is as inappropriate as in a church setting.

Exercise common sense by not climbing around fragile archaeological structures or adobewalls.  Removal of artifacts or objects from these areas is a Federal offense.

Respect our community by not using alcohol or drugs and not bringing weapons.

Hike only in designated areas (check at the Visitor Center) and not around archaeological ruin sites.

Do not bring pets into the historical "Middle Village" and make sure your children are controlled and respectful.

Be aware that the Zuni Tribe cannot be responsible for injuries, theft, or damaged incurred by visitors.

Violators of these rules are subject to penalties in accordance with Zuni Tribal and Federal laws.


Elahkwa' (Thank You)

Zuni Tourism Program

PO Box 339

Zuni, NM 87327