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Message From the Principal


I am excited to begin the school year at Zuni Middle School.  We believe that the changes we have made for the 2019/2020 school year will make ZMS a fun and exciting place to learn.  This year we will focus on meeting the individual needs of students, offering students exposure to new experiences and creating a school culture that makes your children feel loved and supported.  This school belongs to the students and the community.  If we work together, we can help our students achieve great things.

We believe that all of our students should be given a variety of opportunities to become proficient in the academic disciplines with special emphasis in their Zuni Language and Culture.


Every student at Zuni Middle School reads at or above grade level by the time he or she successfully completes the eighth grade

We believe that reading is vital to our students’ success on all academic areas. Zuni Middle School’s mission is to develop and encourage our students to be lifelong learners

We believe that all of our students should be given a variety of opportunities to become proficient in the academic disciplines with special emphasis in their Zuni Language and Culture



We the staff, at Zuni Middle School would like to challenge all students to step up to the plate by attending school every day without an absence or tardiness.    We realize this task can be quite a challenge for you and your family and we understand that you may have reasons that may not be preventable. Nevertheless, we the teachers, staff and administrators would like to challenge you to strive for better attendance this year.


In reward for students at Z.M.S, we are offering a giveaway of several incentives for perfect attendance with no tardiness.The grand giveaway will be a boys and girls bicycle for those with no absences.  Students with less than five absences and no tardiness will qualify for other gifts and prizes. Other gifts and prizes will consist of basketballs, base balls, gloves bats gift certificates.


Our “Strive for Excellence in Attendance” program will start immediately.   We are challenging not only our students but our teachers, staff and administration to focus on improving our attendance this year.  Please contact Mr. A Johnson, Mr. T. Lopez and Mr.Uranga for further information.


We welcome parents, community members to join us in our efforts on improving excellence in school attendance at Zuni Middle School.

Falcon Enterprise Leadership Class

Native American Day 2020


Boyd Lewis


Boyd Lewis was born and raised in Ramah.  After graduating from Ramah High School Boyd married his high school sweetheart.  Boyd and his young family spent the next three years living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  During this time he realized he had a burning passion and desire to be a coach and educator.


Upon returning to New Mexico Boyd started coaching sports at Ramah High as he pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.  Boyd received his first teaching Job in 2006 as a fourth grade teacher at Ramah Elementary School. Over the next 15 years Boyd dedicated himself to his passion and craft as an educator and coach in Ramah.  In 2014 Boyd received the GMCS teacher of the award.  


Boyd is a dedicated and driven educator who believes each and every student has the ability to learn and wants them to reach their full potential.  As an educator he worked tirelessly to find ways to motivate and reach his students so they would be successful. Boyd wholeheartedly believes that literacy is the foundation to a successful educational experience.  He also believes that literacy skills are the gateway to success in all subject areas. “Literacy skills need to be taught early and continuously”.  


As an administrator Boyd hopes to utilize his experiences as a classroom teacher to help drive teacher development and create a sustainable learning environment conducive to all students feeling successful as learners.  Boyd enjoys woodworking projects and is a huge sports fan. He enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. He is very excited to be part of the Zuni Public School District team and is looking forward to helping students reach their full potential. 

Boyd Lewis



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