School Health Program

The mission of the Zuni Public School District nurse is to identify, address, evaluate and refer students with health problems; and to support the teaching environment by attempting to keep students at an optimum level of health so they may fully participate in the educational process. 

Please contact us at the designated school site if you have questions concerning our services.


Zuni High School is an AED Equipped Facility


Zuni High School is now an AED (Automated External  Defibrillator ) equipped facility.  An AED is a FDA approved medical device that may save a life in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (heart attack). 


If necessary it will deliver a shock to the heart to get it started beating.  When the device is turned on it will give verbal prompts telling the user what to do next.  


Thank you to Mr. Mark Archuleta, ZPSD Support Services Director, for obtaining NMAA funding for it and thank you to Mrs. EJ Charles, RN, ZPSD School Nurse for setting up the program.

National Association of School Nurses

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded the National Association School Nurses (NASN) the opportunity to work with Eepy Bird on a viral video campaign about school nurses.

Information for Parents and Guardians: 
Protect Your Children and Others from Flu During the School Years
What is Pertussis?
Health Resources

The Zuni Public School District Health Services provides you with the following Health Resource information links for your student.


Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease


Head Lice




Attention Deficit Hyeractivity Disorder (ADHD)


Drug and Alcohol Issue

2nd Link








Prescription Drug Prevention


The Flu and You


Effects on Illegal Drugs on the Heart



Kelly Cheama-Lalio

District Nurse

505-782-4443  ext. 3006

Candice Soseeah

Zuni High School Health Assistant

505-782-4451  ext. 5006

Jeremy Homer

Twin Buttes Health Assistant

505-782-4446  ext. 2006

Shaunna Chopito

Zuni Middle School Health Assistant

505-782-5561  ext. 4006

Brenna Edaakie

Shiwi Ts'ana Elementary School Health Assistant

505-782-4443  ext. 7006


Valerie Bradley

Shiwi Ts'ana Elementary School Health Assistant

505-782-4443  ext. 3006

Why Most Sore Throats, Coughs & Runny Noses Don't Need Antibiotics

"...most of the time, children don't need antibiotics to treat a respirator illness.  In fact, antibiotics can do more harm than good.  Antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses." Read more.


Patient Specific
Nursing Care​

- Tube Feedings

- Blood Glucose Checks

- Nebulizer Treatments

- Peak Flow Screen

- Dressing Change

Disease Surveillance

- Flu immunization clinics

- Routine immunization

- Communicate with PHS re: outbreaks

Promote Staff

- Announce Community Wellness events

- Provide Individual Health Counseling

- Blood Pressure checks

Medication Administration

​- At School

Health Education

- Communicable Disease Prevention

- Pervasive Developmental Disorders

- Developmental Delays
- Attention & Concentration Problems

- Puberty


- Toothbrushing 

Training And Supervision of Health Assistants
by Registered Nurse
Individual Health Counseling

- General Wellness

- Birth Control

- Specific to student's chronic disease

Health Screenings

- Vision

- Hearing

- Height

- Weight


- Dental

- Immunization Records

- Blood Pressure


- SAT/504

Parent/Community Involvement

- School Health Advisory Committee

Consent for Services

Consent is the legal term for agreeing to health care services.  Most of the time parents must consent to health care services for their children.  In New Mexico, children under age 18 can consent for reproductive health treatments and procedures such as:  pregnancy exams, birth control, HIV & AIDS tests, emergency contraception, sexually transmitted disease tests and prenatal care without parent permission.  Students can be transported for health care services with parent consent.