A:shiwi Core Values

Zuni Public School District implement the A:shiwi Core Values in daily activities of all students and staff. It is expected that all students and staff acknowledge and practice A:shiwi Core Values to promote overall well-being and a positive learning environment.


1. Hon ansammo le’na’ a:deyak’yanna. We will live accordingly.

2. Hon i:yayyułashshik’yana:wa. We will respect one another

3. Hon ko’hoł lewuna:we’diyahnan, wan hon i:tse’manna. We will think before we act and consider the consequences.

4. Hon i:yansatduna:wa. We will help each other.

5. Hon i:yanbeye:na:wa. We will give advice and counsel one another

6. Hon i:yayyumo a a:deyak’yanna. We will be honest and trust one another.

7. Hon i:wichemana:wa. We will love one another.

8. Hon dewu ashshi’ i:willaba’ a:deyak’yanna. We will be kind and generous to one another.

9. Hon i:yanhadiya:nan, i:yayyu’hadiyahk’yana:wa. We will listen and pay attention to one another.


Common Core State Standards


The New Mexico Common Core State Standards are a different approach to learning, teaching and testing that engenders a deeper understanding of critical concepts and the practical application of that knowledge. Developed by teachers and experts across the country, these standards prepare New Mexico students to be ready for college and competitive in both national and international job markets.  The CCSS do not require schools to use specific curriculum or teaching methods- those decisions will continue to be made at the local level by school boards, superintendents, principals and teachers.


Special Education
Articles & Resources
School Health
Articles & Resources

The Zuni Public School District Health Services provides you with the following Health Resource information links for your student.e


Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease


Head Lice




Attention Deficit Hyeractivity Disorder (ADHD)


Drug and Alcohol Issue

2nd Link








Prescription Drug Prevention


The Flu and You


Heart Effects on Illegal Drugs on the Heart





Public Participation at Board Meetings​

Forms shall be used to request for public input during a regular board meeting. The form is due by 12 noon, one week prior to a scheduled regular board meeting. Should you have any questions, contact the Superintendent's Office at 782-5511 ext. 6002. Thank you. Read more information and guidelines about Public Particitpation at Board Meetings




Information for Parents 



Parents are vital to our success as Speech-Language Pathologists.  During both the evaluation and therapy processes, parents can be important sources of information.  We value their input and welcome their involvement in their child's speech-language experience. 


Developmental Milestones



Speech-Language Disorders


Suggestions for Parents