Full Face-to-Face Instruction

Good afternoon everyone.  This is Randy Stickney, Acting Superintendent for Zuni Public School District.  This afternoon, Friday, March 12, the Zuni Board of Education voted to modify the hybrid school re-entry plans originally approved on February 22.  The Zuni Board of Education has approved all Zuni Public School District school sites to move to a full school re-entry in face-to-face instruction effective March 22 based on NMPED guidelines indicating that all schools must reopen to in-person learning for 100% of the students.  Very importantly, even though school sites will be open for full-time face-to-face instruction, parents still retain the choice to keep their children in remote learning for the remainder of the school year.

What does this mean for our students in Zuni Public Schools? 

  • Students at every school site will now have the opportunity to move to full face-to-face instruction Monday through Thursday.  The enrollment window will open again at all sites for anyone who has not yet signed up for face-to-face attendance on March 22nd and close at the end of the day March 25. Students will stay in whichever learning model they choose for the remainder of the school year.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Acting Superintendent of Schools.

  • On Friday mornings, all students will remain in remote instruction while staff will be participating in professional development on Friday afternoons.

  • Students at school sites whose parents choose not to move their children to full face-to-face instruction, will be in remote learning all day on Monday through Thursday and on Friday mornings.   Once again, students will stay in this learning model for the remainder of the school year.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Acting Superintendent of Schools.

  • No longer will students be divided into cohorts.  The purpose of cohorts was to ensure that only 50% of the students would be in a school building at one time.  Now, instead, ALL students will have the opportunity to participate in four days of in-person instruction. Again, in-person instruction will occur on Monday through Thursday. Most classrooms can comfortably accommodate 12 - 15 students and maintain 6 feet of social distancing when possible.

  • School sites have set up mandatory parent meetings with the parent or guardian and student wanting to move to in-person instruction.   The Zuni Middle School mandatory meeting will be March 17 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Shiwi Ts’Ana Elementary has set up mandatory in-person meetings with the parent or guardian in grades PreK-5 at the following times:

Tuesday, March 16th

4:30 pm= Pre-K & Kindergarten, 5:30pm= 1st Grade, 6:30 pm= 2nd Grade

Wednesday, March 17th

5:30pm= 3rd Grade, 6:30 pm= 4th Grade

Thursday, March 18th

2:00pm -7:00pm= 5th Grade (various times by class)

Zuni High School has set the mandatory meeting for Wednesday, March 18th @ 6:30 p.m. ZHS meeting will be on Zoom, and an invite will be sent.

  • During the mandatory meetings, the school site principal will go over all requirements including wearing a mask, physical distancing, what to bring, fully charged Chromebook and charger, hand washing and sanitizing, assigned seating, classroom behavior, visitor policy, student drop-off and pick-up, daily health screening, what to do in case of illness, and contact tracing procedures.

  • Parents/guardians with questions should reach out directly to the school site principal where the student attends school.

  • The following NMAA sanctioned sports will occur:  Basketball, track, baseball, and softball. Practices have started for basketball. The other sports will begin within the next few weeks.  Anyone interested in participating can contact the head coach, or the school office for further information about signing up

Again, should you have questions regarding this information, please contact the school site principal.  Please continue to stay safe and stay well. Thank you.