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Instructional coaching in ZPSD is relatively new. The committee, consisting of instructional coaches at each site felt it was necessary to develop a clear and specific description of the Instructional Coaching handbook to build coherence across the District. During the summer of 2018, current and new instructional coaches began to work on creating the Instructional Coaching Handbook as a working document that will continue to evolve through the 2018-2019 school year.

Implementation of the Instructional Coaching


Essential Understandings

  • Participation in instructional coaching is most effective when the purpose and its key roles are clearly communicated to all stakeholders. For example, the roles of coaches, principals, and teachers should be clearly articulated and communicated at the beginning of the year.

  • Instructional coaching shall be conducted through a partnership between the coach and teacher. The relationship should be based on equity, choice, voice, dialogue, reflection, praxis, and reciprocity.


To promote a shared understanding of instructional coaching throughout ZPSD, each school at the beginning of the school year should review the identified coaching model.

  • Schools should discuss readiness.

  • Principals should communicate the process and purpose of instructional coaching with staff.

District Instructional Coaches

Alicia Benavidez