The overall purpose of the Instructional Support Program is to support district administration and site principals in promoting high quality educational programs for all students.

Specifically, the Instructional Support Program:

  • Provides leadership and advice for the alignment of curricula, coordination of instructional services and assessment programs district-wide.

  • Monitors and assists with revisions of the Monitors and assists with revisions of the New Mexico DASH (Data, Accountability, Sustainability, and High Achievement) district and site plans yearly.  DASH is a web-based action-planning tool identified for developing school improvement plans and provides evidence or research-based interventions the district has in place for the school year.

  • Provides oversight of testing programs district-wide and provides statistical analysis and data to district administration and the Department of Public Education.

  • Assists and collaborates with principals and other directors in the facilitation of professional development opportunities for the instructional personnel.

  • Assists principals in planning, developing, implementing and monitoring coaching and mentoring services for selected Level I, II, and III teachers.

  • Provides support to principals and teachers for Elevate New Mexico, New Mexico’s Teacher Evaluation System