The Zuni Board of Education is comprised of five elected members whom reside in the Zuni Community who serve the educational needs and interests of the Zuni Public School District. Board members serve alternating four year terms.

The powers of the Board of Education lie in its action as a public body. Although a member of the board of education is a public officer, that person has no authority or power individually. By law, the Board of Education is charged with employment of the Superintendent, making policies and approving the district's budget. The board and its members do not address personnel issues other than those related specifically to the Superintendent. The board works with the Superintendent to shape the strategic direction of the district based on five district goals.

For the purpose of organization of the Board, the Board shall at its first regular meeting in March of each odd numbered year administer the oath of office to newly elected members and elect from its membership a President, vice-president, and secretary.